Let me start with some tips for successful travel

18 04 2013

I believe rules suck.  Regardless, I have decided to lay out the “rules” I try and live by when planning a trip and while traveling.  These are not rules in the general sense, they are more like guidelines.  So let’s call them that.  Here are my Guidelines and Goals for travel in no particular order.

– Avoid group tours or itineraries

– Research Research Research

– Book early

– Strategize and Budget

– Engage at every opportunity

– Put down the camera

– Use public transportation

– Take chances, be adventurous

– Don’t be afraid, be smart

Each of these are certainly worthy of their own post.  So, over the course of the next few weeks I will expand on each of these and put them in greater context and detail.  They are the site’s foundation and should really be referenced in the beginning days of this blog.  So, when I’m not actively traveling or preparing to travel, they will serve as good topics for discussion.




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