About Me

I am a solo traveler.

I have the need to discover new places, the world is too big to simply stay put.  I spent my teenage years dreaming and planning road trips with my atlas of Colorado. Later, I lived in Europe for several years while enlisted in the military.  Now, I’m an older and wiser dreamer, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my hunger for exploration and discovery.

Therefore, it’s time to share my passion for affordable and safe world travel with those, unlike myself, who haven’t discovered the freedom of solo travel.  Share my strategies with people who believe that it’s too difficult, costly, or unsafe to travel alone.  Inspire those who want a challenge and want to engage with locals, taste the cuisine, and step out of the traveler’s bubble too many find themselves in when touring in groups.

This blog will provide my personal stories and all photographs will be my own.  You will get personal travel tips and a unique perspective on the amazing places visited.  It will sometimes be gay, sometimes be vulgar, but I promise it will always be honest.

So let’s get moving, the world isn’t going to explore itself!


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