Istanbul Photo Journal

24 05 2013

I just wanted to share my remaining images of Istanbul that were not included in the previous blog posts.  I hope you enjoy them.  Some of these images are available for purchase from my gallery Wandering Bear Photography.  If you see an image you’d like to purchase that’s not in my gallery, please tell me and I’ll make it available.

This concludes my series on Istanbul.  I hope you enjoyed what I had to share.  A new journey awaits and will be discussed in my next posting.


Colorado Photo Journal: Denver Botanic Gardens

15 05 2013

Living in Colorado it’s easy to forget that my home state has its own tourism draw.  So I have decided to create a local photo journal category to show off Colorado’s attractions through photography.  I hope these posts will serve as a nice addition to and a break from my travel posts.

One of my favorite places to escape the city while never having to leave the city is the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It’s quite literally in the center of town yet large enough to provide a peaceful space for contemplation.  Here is a short photo journal of my May 15,2013 visit.

Gentle Wisp

Gentle Wisp, available for purchase HERE

Three by Bonsai

Three by Bonsai

The Collector

The Collector, available for purchase HERE

The Path

The Path, available for purchase HERE

No Boundary

No Boundary

Reaching for the light.

Reaching the light, available for purchase HERE