DC is Dangerously Delicious

27 06 2013

One of my favorite things about my annual trip to Washington DC is the food.  Even before I depart, I start plotting how and when I will hit up my favorite DC eateries.  This visit was no different, I found my way to most of them while there.  However, I discovered something new this year.  Certainly not new to the locals by any means and actually founded in Baltimore, it’s a place that had slipped under my radar.  They cannot elude me any longer, Dangerously Delicious Pies  has officially found itself on my permanent “must dine” list for DC.

Stephanie graciously poses for me with a blueberry pie.

Stephanie graciously poses for me with a blueberry pie.

Upon hearing their name you could easily assume that this place would be a desert haven.  Thoughts of creamy, syrupy, and sugary treats conjuring thoughts of indulgence creep into your brain and overloads your sensibility.  That image does hold some truth to it, but they also offer a nice selection of quiche and savory pies to counteract the fear of an insulin shortage.  To help ease those thoughts of diet killing temptations, Dangerously Delicious serves the slice of quiche and savory pie with a nice salad of mixed greens and balsamic dressing on the side.  It somehow made me feel a little less guilty when I found myself craving desert.

Mini chalkboards spell out the pies for the day.

Mini chalkboards spell out the pies of the day.

What did I order?  In two visits to Dangerously Delicious on H street, just over 2 days apart, I enjoyed the SMOG (steak, mushroom, onion, and gruyere), Crab and Cheddar quiche, the Baltimore Bomb, and a slice of their Pancake Batter pie.  None of these were easy choices, but I came away very satisfied with what I decided to dine on.  The SMOG was filled with large cubes of tender steak, what a treasure, I’ve had way too many meat pies that were horribly chewy.  That was definitely not the case here.  The Crab and Cheddar was stuffed with so much crab it was hard to find the egg.  A pleasant surprise to a westerner who usually can’t find the crab meat in a so-called crab cake at most restaurants in the Denver area.  Both of these meals were absolutely delicious and left me wanting to try them all.  Now I’m a big eater, but that would have been a bit over the top, even for a bear.  So I reluctantly declined an offer for another slice.

The front counter of Dangerously Delicious Pies declares their patriotism.

The front counter declares their faith.

However, since there were greens served with my savory pies, logic told me I had a salad, so I deserved to have desert.  With that kind of logic my diet had no chance, I decided to go all-in and get desert too.  Now my desert pie selections were chosen because they are unconventional to say the least.  Sure they serve apple pie, cherry pie, and other varieties you might find on any menu, but I just had to know what the hell a Baltimore Bomb was.  I can somewhat more confidently tell you now (although I can imagine they get a lot of differing descriptions).  To me, it’s an amazingly sweet delicious pie that reminded me of bread pudding served in a pie crust swirled with a rich chess filling.  I ordered the Pancake Batter pie for desert on my second trip with blueberries and chocolate chips.  Why not?  If I’m going to do this then I may as well get it done right!  This pie was thick and brimming with the sweet flavors of eating pancakes, but out of a pie shell instead of in a stack.  It oozed with melted chocolate and juicy blueberries.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t have ordered another slice if I wasn’t with a friend and didn’t fear the disapproving look on his face at my indulgence.  If I were alone I’m pretty sure I would have.

Both times I left Dangerously Delicious, I yearned to go back for more.  Sadly, I couldn’t go back because of time.  I did make a stop at their Union Station shop to buy a whole Baltimore Bomb on my way to the airport for the journey back to Colorado.  My intention was to “share” it with those who I believe should experience my new drug.  I did share, but I couldn’t resist one last slice before surrendering it to the salivating mouths of the company break room.

Final thoughts, if you want a fast and filling meal without spending too much in a town known for expensive food, then Dangerously Delicious will fit your bill.  Just don’t forget about desert, The Wandering Bear says, “Go for it!”